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ANG Events

Our Services

The magic behind creating the perfect event is attention to all the details. At ANG Events, we'll ensure that your special day is custom designed based on your style, theme, and color, taking your ideas from ordinary to extraordinary. Our team will provide you with continuing support throughout the planning process and on the day of your event, we'll work hard to ensure that it's flawless.

Venue Management

Do you have an event space that needs professional management? If you're a business owner wanting to book your spaces, we can help!


We promise to flawlessly plan, design, and execute your special day to fit all your needs, styles, and budgets. 


Whether you're planning something big or small, we cover anniversaries, birthday parties, bridal showers and much more.

Kids Zone

Must be 18 or younger to enter the kids zone! We'll make sure to create an event that's bright, cheerful, and fun.

Corporate & Non-profit

We cater to any business professionals in need of event planning, organization, and design.

Military Events

To our brothers and sisters in arms, we salute you! For any military-related events, we'll guarantee a memorable time.